Audience and Classroom Response System for the Web

What makes QuestionPress more than just polling, surveys
and online assessments?
Why is QuestionPress a true classroom and audience response system?

Live Interaction with your Responders

Why QuestionPress?

Polling, surveys, forms, and online assessments are wonderful tools. QuestionPress will take you one step further by giving you the LIVE interaction you want with your responders. QuestionPress will help you gather a digital show of hands and more, whether the responders are in the same room or across the globe. And since QuestionPress is web-based, it works on any Internet capable computer or device. Check out the many uses of QuestionPress

Built Specifically to Use On the Fly

Create, deploy, and even edit questions in seconds during your presentation with our Quick Question Builder. Rerun individual questions with a single click. Each session is saved and the questions can be recalled so you don't have to reenter the material for the next presentation. You may also pre-construct your questions and call upon those lists as often as you'd like.

Polling, Surveys, and Assessments

Yeah, QuestionPress will do these, too. Want to embed a poll or survey on your website? QuestionPress can do it. Want to use QuestionPress for a graded and auto-scored assessment? You bet.

Lightweight, Compact, Fast

QuestionPress interface windows are designed to be small and simple so they don't distract from the presentation. A healthy dose of AJAX and Java help improve functionality and features while maintaining rapid web response time.

High Ceiling - Low Overhead

QuestionPress is a powerful and versatile tool available with a minimal investment of time and money. QuestionPress has a low learning curve, allowing you to be up and running in just minutes. Free trial accounts and economical individual accounts means QuestionPress won't break your budget.

Everyone Can Follow Along

Through the Current Session page the presenter can create questions, advance to the next question, render graphs, and display results. The responders follow along with the questions, graphs, and responses right on their own screens. No need for a projector at all!

Real-Time Monitoring of Results

Watch the results refresh automatically. Know who is responding, what the responses are, and what the associated scores might be.


Yes, QuestionPress will automatically score any multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, fill in the blank, short answer, numeric, sorting, and check all that apply questions created in a pre-constructed Question List. QuestionPress not only shows the scores, it also visually identifies correct and incorrect answers so you can easily monitor progress as it unfolds. But that's not all. The teacher can manually score every problem type and then export the combined scores into a spreadsheet.


For each session you have the option of specifying a unique identifier than responders must enter to join the session. You can drop any suspicious responders from any session. Closing enrollment to a session prevents potentially malicious responders from joining once the pool of "known good" responders has been established.

Users Include

  • Classroom Educators
  • Correspondence Educators
  • Presenters
  • Small Group Leaders

See how QuestionPress works
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